Mortgage ontario Financial Centre

founded by the owners of the successful, well known Mortgage Ont company was birthed with the knowledge and experience that like-minded professionals, networking and sharing information could more effectively assist clients with all their financial needs under one roof.

Mortgage needs, investments, legal, trustee in bankruptcy, accounting and insurance are the building blocks to the new Financial Centre and with all tenants working together to care for the clients that walk through our doors – we are certain you will be met with the top notch service we have come to expect from our house of professionals.

The business environment aggregates the values and professional services established by the founders. The availability of a skilled work force in such close proximity enables clients to spend less time traveling between appointments, gives the confidence of being referred by friendly, well known professionals, one to the other and supplies a wealth of financial and legal advice needed in today’s busy world.

Rich in combined knowledge, education and experience the Financial Centre provides a warm, friendly atmosphere where everyone works together to ensure their clients have all the help they need in every area possible.

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Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. is a fully licensed and government regulated Consumer Proposal Administrator, Licensed Trustee in Insolvency & Restructuring, and debt management consulting firm. For over 15 years we have been helping clients reduce their debts.

Having financial difficulties can be a stressful situation; selecting the best guidance to deal with your debts will allow you to have peace of mind and obtain financial freedom. At Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. we help you eliminate your debt at a reduced amount and in affordable monthly payments, without paying any interest. We are able to stop: harassment calls from creditors, liens by creditors against your home, and garnishments.

At Sheriff Sole & Madej Inc. we provide personalized service to help you eliminate your debts. Our team carefully works with each client to provide the best solution to their financial problems. Our goal is to provide each client with the correct plan of action to reduce their debts and provide them with a fresh start.